Family Fun Night

Special Auction Tickets

Regular price $3.13
Can't attend Family Fun Night? You can still try your luck on the Special Auction Baskets! $3 each, $5 for 2 tickets, or $10 for 5 tickets. Of course, you can still buy your tickets at the event as well! Click on the various images to the left for a description of what is in each basket listed below. Check the boxes of the baskets you would like to place your tickets in. Tickets will be distributed as evenly as possible among the baskets checked.

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  • $3 for 1 Ticket
  • $5 for 2 Tickets
  • $10 for 5 Tickets

Purchase your tickets and place them in the baskets even if you can't attend!  

Winners drawn at Family Fun Night and need not be present to win!


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